What Do Your Christmas Decorations Say About You? – Quiz

It’s pretty obvious that here at Christmas Lights Etc. we love Christmas decorations. Whether it’s the star on top of the tree, or the fake snow on a window pane, to us, there’s nothing better than making your home feel like a mini Santa’s grotto. But what do you think? We’ve created a fun quiz to help you decide whether you’re a lover of all things Christmas, or if you’d prefer to just shut the windows and wait for January.  Infographic provided by Christmas Lights Etc.What-do-you-decorations-say-about-you


If you have ever wondered what your gambling personality might be then this infographic is for you. Whether you bet high or low and play for fun or money, you can find out how others see you. You may also gain some insight into what drives them and how you can profit from it. The more you know about your gambling style, the more you can enjoy it – and the more likely you are to win.

Follow the flowchart and discover your gambling personality and see what it say about you. Finally, some games are listed below your personality type that may appeal to you.