The Eden Family Does it Right

At Eden, we are a big family. In addition to being a family-oriented Oregon and Washington pest management company, we started out as a small family business. Now that we’ve grown, we continue to operate as a family throughout our various locations in the Pacific Northwest.

What makes us a family? The values and qualities that define us and make us successful. Our technicians are active in the areas they serve, as they regularly volunteer and do community outreach. When you work with us, we treat your home or commercial building with as much care as treat our own. Because pest management can sometimes seem stressful, Eden makes the process less overwhelming with proactive environmentally conscious and innovative solutions.

The following infographic gives you a look at the Eden approach to Washington and Oregon pest management. Learn about the causes that we support around the world and in our own communities, as well as why our clients continue to be happy.  Infographic provided by Eden .


Spiders of the Pacific Northwest: Identification Tips, Pest Control and Prevention Advice

When it comes to residential pest control, spiders top many peoples’ list of pests to eradicate. Although these eight-legged creatures help keep other pest populations in check, their frightening appearance convinces many homeowners to call for Washington or Oregon pest control. The first thing that pest control experts will tell you is that spiders are largely harmless. There are two medically significant species in the Pacific Northwest (the Black Widow and the Hobo Spider), but even those species are unlikely to attack unless provoked. Still, we understand the emotional impetus behind spider abatement. As Oregon and Washington pest control experts, we present the following informative infographic on the types of spiders common to the Pacific Northwest, and the steps homeowners and pest control professionals can take to prevent and fight spider infestations.

Spiders of the Pacific Northwest: Identification Tips, Pest Control and Prevention Advice

Identifying Stinging Insects

Stinging insects can be a pain.  When we hear that familiar buzzing, most of us are pretty quick to jump up and look for what’s coming our way.  But do many of us really know the difference between a Hornet and a Yellow Jacket or Wasp?  Perhaps we’re not even sure how to differentiate the characteristics of them from a Honey Bee.  It’s okay if you can’t, this infographic, courtesy of, is here to help.

Stinging Insects