Digital Printing vs Offset Printing

How to decide whether to Print Digital or Offset

We often get asked the question; how do I decide whether digital printing or offset printing is the most appropriate method for my job?    We created a little graphic to help illustrate the differences in each of the printing technologies and some things to consider in helping you decide which one may be right for you. You will find that in practice all jobs will fall into one of three categories.  There will be jobs that are clearly digital jobs (fast turnaround, short run), there will be jobs that are clearly offset jobs (large sheet size required, long runs) and the third bucket will be jobs that are in the middle and could be run either as offset or as digital.  Sometimes you may want to prices those jobs both ways to see which makes more sense. As always, if you have any questions or a specific request just give us a call etc. Infographic provided by Influence Graphics


The Currency Printing Process

Printing U.S. currency is an interesting process. Every part of a single bill is made up of specific inks, paper, and symbols that give it a beautiful and intricate look. This level of detail also makes it difficult to counterfeit. Learn more about the money printing process and how it began by viewing the following infographic. – See more at:

The Currency Printing Process