All Time Premier League Records

So who is the most successful Premier League Manager of all time? Okay so you might be aware that Sir Alex Ferguson takes that award, but do you know which player holds the record for number of goals scored in a single game or which team recorded the lowest amount of wins in a season? UT Coin Traders have created this wonderful infographic detailing some of the less well known records in the Premier League…so how many of these do you remember?


Memorable Moments in Baseball

If you are a baseball enthusiast, this is the infographic for you.  In fact, even if you aren’t an enthusiast, a lot of these memorable moments in baseball history are pretty interesting.  Ever wondered when the first baseball game was televised?  Or what the most expensive ballpark frank of 2013 is?  You can learn the answer to these, and many other cool baseball facts, in the infographic below.  And, while you’re at it, be sure to check out the original posting here.

Memorable Moments