Retirement Investing: Stock Market vs. Real Estate

Even after the stock market crash of 2008, the majority of Americans are focused on traditional investments through the stock market, which yield short-term gains. This infographic illustrates the benefits of investing in alternative assets. These alternative investment options open the door to more sustainable, long-term growth for your retirement savings. Read on for insight into how you can use a self-directed real estate IRA to maximize your IRA’s potential and produce long-term gains of 126% by investing in an income property.

Infographic provided by SafeGuard IRA & 401k Advisors


11 Ways to Pay For Home Healthcare

Many seniors are uncertain about their options when it comes to remaining in the family home long term or downsizing. As we age, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make these decisions so it’s a good idea to have a plan in place as early as possible. Read on for our thoughts on home health care for the baby boomer generation and learn about various ways to pay for private assistance and care.

11 Ways to Pay For Home Healthcare