How Safe Is Your Area? Crime Rate Statistics Throughout the UK

Crime rates in England and Wales have constantly decreased over previous years, with some regions dropping lower than others. Find out how safe your area is by taking a look at this infographic put together by CIA Landlords, the insurance specialists. Find out how prevalent burglary and arson crimes are in your area as well as finding out the most likely methods of entry used by your local burglars.


The History of Toshiba Laptops

Did you know that the heaviest full-performance Toshiba laptop weighed twenty-one pounds?!  It’s true, and the lightest was only 755 grams.  Speaking of stunning statistics, perhaps you’ll be surprised to know that Toshiba laptops have sold at an average rate of 42 laptops per hour since 1986.  Learn more interesting facts and help celebrate Toshiba laptop’s ten millionth laptop sold in Ireland and the UK by checking out this informative infographic, brought to you by

Toshiba laptops

The UK Housing Market

The state of the UK housing market is seeing a slow recovery.  Over 50 percent of people consider their mortgage debt to be a burden.  The average property debt per person is fairly steep.  since the financial crisis started in 2008, the government has tried to stimulate the housing market, but has seen little success.  For more on the housing market situation in the UK, check out the infographic below, and be sure to check out the original posting here.

Housing Market