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Mobile Search and Voice Search Leading the Way for SEO into the New Year

mobile searchIt does not matter if you are an infographic creator, a blogger, a social media marketer, or an entrepreneur with a website, it is important to understand that, as we move into the New Year, the top two types of searches will be the searches performed on mobile devices and voice searches. If you are a constant follower of the newest algorithms by Google and find yourself obsessively researching SEO in an effort to enhance your online marketing efforts, it is important that you stop everything that you are doing right now, eliminate each and every single distraction, and read this guide and reread this guide – today, tomorrow, and the day after. Now, time for the very first step to success in all of your business endeavors online from here on out:

1. You must ensure that every single thing that you create – from a blog post, to your infographics, to your sales copy, to your website – is created in such a way that it is optimized for mobile search AND voice search.

Traditionally, most searches throughout the history of the internet have stemmed from desktop and laptop computers. According to information obtained from eMarketer, there will be a tipping point for searches coming from smartphones, tablets, and similar mobile devices. This means that your infographics and any other online creation must be responsive to ALL internet-accessible devices. This brings us to our next step for online SEO success:

2.     You must design your infographics, website, and all other marketing locations in such a way that they correspond to a mobile marketing strategy. This means that you must design for mobile, consider search behaviors from mobile devices, offer mobile payment options, and optimization for voice search, mobile social, and mobile local.

When creating your infographics, websites, and other types of online content, you must be certain that you are focusing on a highly visual experience. You should take advantage of space in order to highlight the most important elements of your online content. You could experience up to a 200% increase in mobile sales by engaging in the following when creating infographics and other types of online content:

  • Your product pages or infographic pages should be much simpler and focused on your products and/or services.
  • Features that are considered useful to those that use mobile devices should be emphasized.
  • A multitude of deals and promotions should be created especially for those using mobile search and voice search through their mobile devices.

The next step to achieving the highest SEO results in the New Year is as follows:

3.     Create content based on what someone would say instead of what they would type in order to rank among those using voice search.

For example, an internet user using a desktop computer may type “Walmart Gift Cards” and then would be directed to the address of the nearest store selling the Walmart gift cards; however, someone using voice search on a mobile device, may actually say “Where is the nearest place to buy Walmart gift cards?” When creating infographics and other online content that you want to optimize for voice-search SEO, be sure to integrate the words: “who”, “what”, “when”, “where”, “why”, and “how”. If you follow the steps and advice in this guide, all of your online content will rank high in SEO in the New Year.