Bubble Wrap: A Short History

Bubble Wrap. We all know what it is, and it’s safe to say that we see it and handle it nearly every time we receive a package in the mail.  If you are like me, you always have some lying around ready to be used or popped.  But where did it come from? What is its history?  Did you know that is has been around for more than 50 years?  It took several attempts at perfecting the bubble wrap, and convincing people to use it for padding.  Read through this infographic to learn some interesting facts about bubble wrap and its history.  Infographic provided by http://www.thepackagingcompany.com/

Which Mattress Should I Choose?

If you need help choosing your next mattress here are some top tips and things you might need to know.

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Quit Bugging Me: Overcoming the Bed Bug’s Bite

Bed bugs are a big problem across the U.S. that almost every pest professional has treated in the past year. This Infographic examines how bed bugs made a comeback, signs of an infestation and the pest’s life cycle. Learn where the bugs are most likely to appear, which U.S. cities are bed bug hotspots, and the best way to get rid of them (hint: it doesn’t involve dangerous chemicals).  Infographic provided by http://www.edenpest.com/